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Manglore Tiles work


  • Providing and erecting scaffolding of roofs.
  • Removing Mangalore tiled roof and ridge tiles with battens and sacking the materials as directed with all leads and lifts complete.
  • Removing planking from roof or ceiling, providing and fixing indian teak wood plank ceiling 20mm thick plain underside tongued and grooved including iron screws,scaffoling,if necessary,including one primer coat on under side and one coat of coal tar on upper side etc complete.
  • Providing and applying membrane to roof with torch burner and gas.
  • Providing and fixing plain galvanised iron sheets on top of weather shed, including scaffolding, fixing by means of nut and bolts or as directed etc. complete.
  • Fixing country teak wood sloping battens of 25 x 12 mm teak wood horizontal battens of 50mm x 25mm over the slopping battens, all iron work and coal tarring the batens complete.
  • Providing and fixing manglore tile ridge and hip tiles of class ‘AA’ including scaffolding if necessary, pointing with coloured cement mortar and curing etc complete